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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Introductory Post

Well, the site and this blog are still under construction but I thought I may as well introduce myself anyway :)

I'm Emmelia, though on some of the sites where I read Tarot you may know me as LadyCeleste. I have always been into metaphysics and divination, and I got my first deck of Tarot cards from my mother when I was about seven. Later, when I was about sixteen or seventeen, I began learning to read Tarot with another deck that Mom had bought me. These days, I also use Oracle cards and the Pendulum.

I've read for friends and family, though it wasn't until earlier this year that I took the plunge and began reading online on Supreme Psychics and Oranum.

When I perform a reading, I stick to smaller spreads between three and seven cards. I will usually interpret the cards individually before moving on to card combinations (what a card will mean when paired up with another card) and then the spread itself. One way of looking at a spread is, the spread tells a story, and I'm here to tell you that story! Sometimes I will lay down another card or two if a particular card needs extra clarification. My overall goal for a reading is honest, accurate, to-the-point answers. I won't sugar-coat a reading, but I will make sure that it isn't all doom-and-gloom or overly harsh. I'm not here to judge you or the situation at hand.

When I'm not performing readings for others you can usually find me reading, writing, or drawing. I also enjoy crocheting, fishing, gardening, and swimming.

I have a blog on Tumblr as well. What you can expect to find on this blog and the Tumblr are announcements/updates, regular one-card readings from one of my Tarot or Oracle decks, and divination-related things that I find interesting. My Tumblr may be a bit more socially-oriented than this blog, given the nature of Tumblr, but the content will still be the same.

Well, I hope you enjoy your visit to this blog! Feel free to check back in at any time!

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