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  1. Your private information will remain confidential and will not be given out to solicitors. Your date of birth is only requested for confirmation of your age (see below) and for any numerological patterns that may occur in a reading.
  2. Testimonials will only be posted with your permission. It should be noted that they may be edited for clarity if need be, but changes will not be made in a way that alters the meaning or context of your testimonial.
  3. The details of a reading will remain between you and me. They will not be shared with your friends, family, or SO, nor will they be shared with my friends, family, or SO.


  1. If a testimonial is altered, it will only be altered for clarity. Testimonials will never be altered in a way that changes their meaning or context.
  2. I will do my best to avoid doom-and-gloom readings, readings that scare a client or makes a client feel that they are not empowered. We all have control over our futures.
  3. I will only read on subjects that I feel qualified for. As I am not a legal, financial, or medical expert, I will not use Divinatory readings to give legal, financial, or medical advice or medical diagnosis (this includes pregnancy). I will also avoid using Divinatory readings to search for missing persons.
  4. I will make sure to inform the client to the best of my ability and make sure the client has received the answers they need by the end of the reading.
  5. I will always be friendly, honest, and tactful. Truth and honesty are important to me, as is providing good customer service and anticipating the needs of the client. I will avoid sugar-coating and having an overly-harsh attitude/delivery during a reading.
  6. I will never tell the client that they are cursed, nor will I ever offer to remove a curse in exchange for monetary compensation.

All sales are final. Rose City Tarot does not provide refunds or exchanges.


The future seen in Divinatory readings is the future most likely to occur under the reading's current circumstances. The future is in flux and therefor it is subject to change based on decisions made by the client.

Divinatory readings are for entertainment only. They are not a suitable substitute for legal, financial, or medical advice or medical diagnosis (including pregnancy). Divinatory readings are not a suitable substitute for police involvement in missing persons cases.

Rose City Tarot disclaims any and all responsibility for the choices made by the client and outcomes thereof. Rose City Tarot disclaims any and all responsibility for readings given to clients who reside in areas with laws against Witchcraft and Fortune-Telling.

Clients and potential clients must be eighteen or older to purchase a reading.