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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tarot and Tea

Back on Wednesday I went to a tarot meetup group called Tarot and Tea. I loved it!
It was led by a woman who's teaching some tarot classes at a new age store. The group was mostly us discussing tarot, but there I learned some new things, such as how to read a card's reversal if it's turned on its side like in the Celtic Cross.

It was cool to see all the decks people brought (both Tarot and Oracle), as well as discussing the different ways we interpreted certain cards. One of the people talked about how their mother read regular playing cards (at which point I pulled out my Gypsy Witch deck and told them about Lenormand cards).

I'm glad I found this meetup group. The people were awesome and I felt right in my element! I'm absolutely going again!

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